Arma 3

Welcome to the ARMA 3 join page.
Let me tell something fast about us.
We are a relaxe bunch and no saluting and stuff like that, we just have fun.
You have to be over 18 year of age.

For the ones who know how it works here is the link to our mods.

For people who are new to this here is a walktrough to connect to our server.

1: We have a MOD collection of ARMA 3 here !

2: You need to login to steam and click on the Subscribe to all the mods button.

3: If you already have some off the mods it skip them if there all new Steam will download all the subscribed mods.
(Be aware this might take a little while depending on your connection speed.)

4: You should see in steam that the mods are getting downloaded.

5: I’m not sure on the moment, but I think you need to start or restart ARMA 3 of steam before the mods do get recognized in the mod folder.
To check if you have the mods you can take a look

6: When this is finished you can go to ARMA 3 in LIBARY of steam and dubble click the ARMA 3.
This will popup a option menu to start the game.
Press server and press right under direct connection.

7: This will open a menu were you have to add the following ip and port 2302