Back again !

After it been more than 2 years I seem to have some more time to do some stuff too mine website again !

First I’ll be updating the ofp part towards the ARMA2 and than towards ARMA3. I have no idea yeat how to create it all so I hope in time it will work out as I wanted to and people will be able to join us and have fun !

I might even find the time to make even another mission !

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One Step Ahead new mission


Well after years I got finally got my first mission done hope you people like it


Type mission: COOP

Players: 8

Island: Takistan

Mods: ARMA2


  1. Destroy Ammotruck
  2. Destroy the building
  3. Destroy the ammo
  4. Destroy the AA Guns
  5. Destroy all the enemy


  1. UPSMON – Urban Patrol Script Mon
  2. DynamicWeatherEffects
  3. GDTmod – First Aid
  4. GDTmod – Spectator
  5. and more !

Mission maker: KillerBee

Credits: Thanks for the help of Jgaz from the [LOL]Clan with the scripts and explanation.

Intro video: One step ahead.



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Welcome Too Bees Hive


Welcome by Killer Bee Hive.

This site is on the moment under construction

Please bare with me and things will turn out right !

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